offering speciality foods and beverages to canberra since 2016

Here at Italian Brothers, we source only the finest foods, curated by our Culinary Director, Chef John-Paul Romano, who has grown up with this food, and has lived, cooked, worked and studied in Southern Italy and the Italian Regions of Switzerland.

Our team know opulence and poverty; our store is a fusion of the two.

A great Italian philosopher once said of Italian Brothers, "It is a place where you come to make deals and to make things happen, it is a place of serious and sophisticated conversations and connections, where no topic of conversation, even the most serious or difficult is off the table. Consequently, you will find the most interesting patronage and conversations within the company of the Italian Brothers Bar."

What exactly are we?

We are not a restaurant... We are the Italian Village Bar.

Bar, Cafe, Deli

We primarily operate as a bar, serving alcohol, but also operate as a café and deli.

il Bar

Coffee, Sweets, Cocktails, Aperitifs and Digestifs

The heart of Italy, the Bar.

Stand for an espresso al banco or a spritz in the evening, tell the barman your troubles, for there is no psychologist in the village, only the priest and the barman...


Italian Deli Sandwiches, Freshly Baked Bread

Enjoy a panino to go, or make your own delicious option; sit down, have a glass of wine and watch the world go by.


Freshly Made Pasta, Pasta Ready To Eat

Watch the master pasta chef make fresh pasta; you might even see him knead love and anger into it! Then, buy it to cook at home or purchase one of our ready to eat options to eat in-store or at home.


Salumi, Salami, Pancetta, Proscuttio, Bresaola, Meats and Cheeses, Antipasti

Enjoy a delicious antipasti platter and a glass of wine that has flown 15000km just for you; we guarantee it's the most authentic this city has seen. When you're done, grab some sliced procuit and mozzarel for tomorrow's panino; great! 


Grocery, Accessories, Clothing, Cleaning Products, Religious Articles

Buy shapes of pasta you never knew existed, delicious groceries and luxurious sides. Fancy some Italian soap, an artistic statue, or a Maddonina for your car? We've got the best selections of the Italian supermarket!


Fresh Sweets, Imported Sweets

Imported Italian torrone, freshly filled cannoli, freshly-baked sfoligatelle, or Italian doughnuts coated with sugar. We have you sorted, imported chocolates and biscuits, whatever your sweet desire.


Fine Imported Wines and Spirits, Champagne, Prosecco

Fancy a glass (or bottle) of wine after a hard day of work? Need a fine wine to bring to a dinner party? We have you sorted until late. We serve fantastic Italian wines and unique Italian cocktails in even better company! 


Freshly Made Butter

Watch our master butter chef massage life into butter, enjoy it salted or infused, on toast or pan-frying fresh ravioli, Buonissimo!


Cigars, Fine Tobacco, Tobacco Accessories

Looking for a luxurious ashtray, lighter or some fine Cuban tobacco? You'll find it here.


Imported Gelato

We have pure imported Sicilian gelato to take home or eat in; grab a cone and enjoy it on your evening stroll, or take a tub to eat while watching Netflix. Buonissimo!


Wholesale, Produce, Catering

Want a whole leg of prosciutto? A 5kg bag of pasta or flour for your pizzeria? We are a trusted supplier of local restaurants and cafes at great market prices. We wholesale to the public too. We can help supply fresh produce or cater for your function at your house or venue with drinks, wine, beer, sweets and antipasti. Fantastico!



fine foods
fine beverages
fine wines and prosecco
deli meats and cheeses

flame-grilled specialties
desserts, pastries and gelato
illy coffee
cocktails and spirits
Panini and Pizzetini


fine foods
fine beverages
fine wines and prosecco
Antipasto Platters
deli meats and cheeses

freshly baked bread and focaccia
fine tobacco and cigars

desserts, pastries and gelato
illy coffee
imported spirits
Panini and Pizzetini

Exclusively Stocking
handmade dips by the canberra dip company
handmade butter by the canberra butter company
handmade pasta by the canberra pasta company
handmade preserved goods by the Australian preservation company
accessories by 1901.
cannoli by suck my cannoli
doughnuts by glory holes doughnuts


grazing tables
antipasti platters
wholesale beverages
wholesale fine alcohol
exclusive sourcing

panini platters
wholesale fine food
wholesale cannoli & doughnuts
wholesale groceries


If you are after a venue for your event for up to 25 people, Italian Brothers may be able to help.

We run cooking experiences in the evening from Sunday to Wednesday, see our social media for up to date information on which experiences we are running.

Contact us via the contact page for more information.



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