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Italian Brothers is Canberra's Most Authentic Italian Bar and Paninoteca.


Italian Brothers or Fratelli Italiani was born hundreds of years ago in Southern Italy, where still today, many traditions remain unchanged.


In the humble villages of Calabria and Campania the 'Italian Peasant Lifestyle' fuels long and happy lives.


When the traditions of Fratelli Italiani were brought to Australia by refugee migrants of the Romano, Verduci, and Luongo families, they were nurtured within the home and by the local Italian community.


As a young boy, John-Paul Romano lived and breathed his family's business culture and mindset, often spending time with his Nonni (grandparents) and influencing his creative mind. While at school, he and his friends, regarded as his 'Brothers', shared a common heritage and tradition, nurturing their love for all things Italian.


During his culinary studies, John-Paul decided to embrace these traditions and live in Southern Italy. Over this time, John-Paul fell into an immense love with the 'Italian Village Lifestyle' and its cuisine 'Cucina Povera', translated to 'the Poor Kitchen'.


During his travels, John-Paul also fell in love with the Italian concepts of the village 'Bar' and the 'Paninoteca'.


In every Italian town and village, the 'Bar' serves as a place to socialise, flirt, network and gossip while standing at the bar and drinking an espresso.


A Southern Italian bar is not usually a grand place, rather one which is practical and would also sell household products, cigarettes, cigars, and have a few poker machines and a pool table. The few sit down tables in a 'Bar' are reserved for those having meetings, long discussions, watching the football or playing cards. The 'Bar' is usually a focal point of the town and is visited from dawn to close to midnight.


The 'Paninoteca', usually, a small, hole-in-the-wall sandwich bar where sandwiches are made to be eaten while walking or taken home.

Italian Brothers was designed and built by National Capital.